Thursday, May 9, 2013

ABOUT: Little BOOK of MONSTERS vol.2 (The History)

In October of 2012 an annual Halloween art jam was transformed into a book event to help celebrate the unknown artist, with the assistance of the known artist. Artists from all over the world submitted their creations in hopes of being able to be represented in the first ever made for Halloween art book and to also help celebrate the Halloween month.

As a child, I always looked at the whole month of October as being Halloween. I could never understand why new movies, comics or any real media for that matter was ever released at this time. As I matured, I seen less and less released in this month until finally, I and a few other artists decided to create a themed event during this month.

For a few years, I had looked forward to it until finally one day, I had the idea of trying to bring more artists to this event and went even further with the love I had for the independent artist. I then decided that I would have to have some well known names from the comic book, animation and video game industries try to help draw the attention to all the up and coming (people do not know what they are missing until they experience it first) artists. That's when I decided to create an annual book for them and Halloween. So with the assistance of BRIAN HABERLIN co-creator of WITCH BLADE and Digital Art Tutorials, I stand here today ready to produce a new book for you and all the soon to be noticed artists.

Hope to see your creations,
Rodney Dollah